Just three weeks ago, Troy Kotsur congratulated PSD on our 200th Anniversary. Now it’s our turn to congratulate him. Troy, wanted to share a special message to you for winning the Best Actor in a Supporting Role and #CODAfilm for winning the Best Picture at the #Oscars . Please share our pride as you watch our students celebrating a truly historic moment for the Deaf community!

Video description:

Gold and Black gradient background

A video appearance by Troy Kotsur. White wording on the right side. “Hi, I’m Troy Kotsur, from the movie Coda. I want to say Congratulations to PSD on your 200th anniversary! Congrats!”

White wording: The PSD community would like to congratulate Troy Kotsur and the entire CODA film team.

A video of different students making a short message. The white wording on the bottom of the video message.

Congratulations! YAY!

Wow, the movie CODA made history – receiving three Academy Awards. Oh yes, I want to congratulate you as well!

Celebration jumping

Congratulations Troy!

Proud of you, Troy, and the CODA film!

Congratulations! YAY!

Congratulations Troy! We love you!


Congratulations! YAY!

Congratulations! We are proud of you. YAY!

Congratulations! YAY!

I am proud that CODA won a big victory. 

Congratulations for winning this award. I am proud that you received all of the awards. 

It’s awesome and champ. Congratulations Troy!

We love you!

Thank you for opening more doors for deaf people to have opportunities in film, theater, and more.

White wording: Thank you for making history.