Video description:

Dark blue background with gold frame, in the background there is 10% opacity of Philadelphia city outline. White PSD 200 logo on the top with white wording 200th Anniversary Gala in the center. Gold wording: March 5, 2022. Transition to the next video. Top left: PSD 200 logo. Top right: 200th Anniversary Gala. Gold wording: A Special Video for our Gala Guests: Attractions Around Philadelphia. In the center, a video appears of different students in different locations. Blue with white outline wordings appear on the video screen. Hi! Hi! Welcome to Old City! Here is where Ben Franklin Lived. He invented many, many things! The first flag was made here! Way up on this tall building is a man named William Penn. Look how high up he is. Here is where all the men gathered to sign the Declaration of Independence and founded the United States of America. Here is the symbol of liberty. This bell cracked the first time it was rung! Here is the Reading Terminal Market. It is huge with aisles and aisles of so many different foods!! Hey, did you notice the statue here? What is that? I don’t know… Oh, it’s from that movie! What movie? What’s the name of that movie…? ROCKY!