Video Description:

In the blue background on the left side of the brief animation of motion of PSD logo of yellow hands open with white roof and columns, yellow roof and door come out. On the right side, Yellow lettering of “PB’s Corner July 2021”

Fade and Peter Bailey appear. He is wearing a grey polo shirt with the PSD logo on it . He is sitting on the chair. Background: There is a white wall with few frames on the wall. The file cabinet and shelf show in the background. There is a PSD logo on the bottom right corner: Blue and yellow PSD logo with 50% opacity.

Hello everyone. These are my updates for July. It is always different here this time of year in the summer but I am reflecting back on the past year. I see that it was a year of great challenges and also great successes for PSD in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2019-2020 and the 2020-2021 school years looked so different than any years prior. I think about PSD leadership and staff and how everyone acted swiftly to implement changes that ensured our students, faculty, and staff remained safe while continuing to provide and/or receive high-quality services. As we weather the pandemic and move toward a full recovery it is time to get back to normalcy, in some ways. We also fully intend to continue our tradition of excellence in Deaf Education which has been PSD’s legacy since 1820. PSD is determined to meet students where they are and we look at each child individually rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We recognize that we provide an exceptional educational experience based on students’ unique talents and individual needs. We also create a community of belonging. We want our students to feel valued and be in an environment of cultural understanding. It is important to have increased awareness of what is happening in the world around them. Achieving this goal requires tremendous time, experience and support from many individuals and teams. That includes our students, our staff, our community members and partners both within the city of Philadelphia and in the local region.

None of this would have happened without your support. Thank you so much for recognizing what a difficult year it has been. While it has been trying times, we appreciate your support and look forward to moving ahead and bringing PSD to the next level. As I wrap up my comments for this month I want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2021. I wish all of our graduates the best and welcome you back to PSD anytime. Thank you again for your support. Until next month, take care.

End with a blue background. Top PSD logo of yellow hands open with white roof and columns, yellow roof and door. White Lettering “Pennsylvania School for the Deaf”

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