Video Description:

In the blue background on the left side of the brief animation of the motion of PSD logo of yellow hands open with white roof and columns, yellow roof and door come out. On the right side, the Yellow lettering of “PB’s Corner June 2022”

Dark blue curtain background. There are two flags: the American flag and the Pennsylvania State flag. behind Peter. He wears a blue dress shirt with a tie and a black suit. He is standing by the front of the PSD podium. There are some balloons on the far left. There is a PSD logo on the bottom right corner: a Blue and yellow PSD logo with 50% opacity.

Hello, everyone. This is my update for the month of June. I am standing here in a particularly special place. Somewhere that I have not presented from before in these monthly updates. We had our graduations, from our preschool students to our high school seniors. With all of those celebrations I thought why not take the opportunity to share my monthly updates from here. Most of what we are focused on right now are the things that come with graduation. We have been doing a lot of planning and had a wonderful ceremony for our seniors last week on Friday. I decided to hold off on my monthly vlog until graduation was completed so those updates could be included in this month’s presentation. First, I will share some remarks about our Nevil Award recipient. Every year we award someone who works hard to support Deaf and hard of hearing children. This year we gave the Nevil Award to Warren “Wawa” Snipe. He was recognized as the 35th person to receive this award. Then, as a part of that award, he came to be our graduation speaker. Of course, he did a wonderful job and everyone really enjoyed his speech. He is actually a Philadelphia native. As a Philly boy it was nice to have him come back home to be with us for graduation. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here with us. Besides all the planning for graduation, we are approaching the end of our school year. There is a lot that goes into that. I wanted to make sure to address some of the rumors going around. It is true I will be leaving PSD at the end of next school year. Not this school year. I know the board is working hard to make sure that they have an announcement for you about their planning for future steps related to the next Head of School. That announcement should come out soon. After that, I can make a follow-up announcement about my immediate plans for the transition. What I can tell you, from me personally, is that I am relocating to Austin, Texas. I am making the decision to be with my family who already live there. I don’t know what else comes next in my journey. Maybe you have the answers, but I surely do not have them yet. I am going to continue supporting PSD in the coming year. That is my main focus. Then I will stay open to whatever opportunities come my way. I have been here for six years and really enjoyed that time and intend to remain focused in my 7th year. Whoever the board appoints as the next Head of School is someone I will work with to make sure that they take over as the 18th Head of School in a strong position with stability for the school. I know that there have been a lot of things that have changed since COVID. I am hoping this fall we can return to some normalcy. I look forward to being able to celebrate together, have fun together, continue our school traditions and activities, and reopen the gym and other facilities. In the meantime, bare with us as we get through some of these other changes. See you next month.

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