Video Description:

In the blue gradient background on the left side of the brief animation of motion of PSD logo of yellow hands open with white roof and columns, yellow roof and door come out. On the right side, Yellow lettering of “PB’s Corner March – May 2023”

Fade and Peter Bailey appear. He is wearing a white dress shirt with a blue suit and he is wearing a yellow tie with a thin blue stripe on the tie. He is standing.. Background: There is a blue curtain with American flag and Pennsylvania flag from left to right order. There is a podium right front on the camera. There is a PSD logo on the bottom right corner: Blue and yellow PSD logo with 50% opacity.

Hello everyone. It is June 2023 and that means it is the end of our school year. We just had a wonderful graduation ceremony with 16 students graduating this year. We had a number of people in attendance to support those students including family, friends, alumni and other students. This is my last graduation at PSD and I will graduate with these students in 2023. I want to thank you all for the support you have given in the seven years I have been here and thank you in advance for your continued support of PSD. I can officially say that today is my last day but I am thrilled to share the information about our next Head of School. It was announced that Melissa Draganac-Hawk was appointed as Interim Head of School to replace me. After a board vote it has been decided that she will not be the Interim Head of School. She will be the permanent Head of School taking over as the 18th person in that position. In the seven years I have worked with her here I have come to have full confidence in her leadership, the experience she brings to the table, as well as the leadership team as well. If you need anything please feel free to stay in touch with me. As I stand here sharing my final remarks I think about saying “thank you” and “goodbye” but I also reflect on the seven years I have been here. I think about what I have given, all the support that I have had, and so PSD will remain in my heart. When I started at PSD there were many struggles to overcome but in my time here we are now in a very strong place. I am thrilled to welcome Melissa to the position of Head of School after me. Thank you for everything.

Peter Bailey walk away and Melissa Draganac-Hawk walk to the camera. She is wearing  a dark blue dress with jade jewelry.

Hello everyone. I am Melissa Draganac-Hawk and I want to say congratulations to the graduates of 2023. We had a beautiful commencement ceremony today. Thank you, Peter, for your wonderful gift to the school of seven years of service. I am excited as I look forward to being Head of School here at PSD. I am looking forward to the changes, improvements and collaboration I plan to do as I work with all of you. Thank you so much.

End with a blue background. Top PSD logo of yellow hands open with white roof and columns, yellow roof and door. White Lettering “Pennsylvania School for the Deaf”