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Hello everyone. These are my updates for May 2023. If you were looking for a video for March or April you may notice you have not seen one. There is a good reason for that. You will understand soon in the context of this video what we wanted to share with you. Some of those details were not available yet but now it is public information. I will share with you our graduation plans too and hopefully you know by now that I’m leaving PSD. It was announced that I will be the new Superintendent at the Texas School for the Deaf. So with the plans for all of that there was a lot going on for March and April.

You can see in this video I share information about the Nevil Award. Next month I will share with you some new information about the transition from me to Melissa Draganac-Hawk, the next Head of School here at PSD, and what her plans look like. 

Hello it is March 2023 so we are approaching the end of the school year. Over the months I share updates in these Vlogs about what is happening at the school and different kinds of information. I realized I have not had the opportunity to talk with you yet about George W. Nevil. I’m not sure if you know who he is so I thought this would be an important time to share that information with you. We have a special award given every year called the “Nevil Award.” Typically the Nevil Award recipient is also the graduation speaker the same year. Since 1988 all of the Heads of School at PSD have selected a winner for this award every year.

The decision is based on criteria related to performance and efforts to support the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community, and better the lives of deaf and hard of hearing children. This raises the question of who this award is named after. In 1930 George Nevil, upon his death, left his wealth to be given to a school for the deaf or the school for the blind in his name. He wanted the school to be named after him and in 1930 when he passed there was nothing done with his wealth. In 1960 when it was determined that he didn’t leave enough money to actually establish a school, the money was divided between the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and the Overbrook School for the Blind. These were the two existing schools serving these students. They could name a building after him rather than establishing a brand new school. 

Then in 1988 Joe Fischgrund, who many of you already know, was Head of School at the time and he decided to establish this award. The first person to receive this award was I. King Jordan at Gallaudet University. He was the first Deaf president of Gallaudet and that was the origin of the Nevil award. It has been given every year since. When I started here in 2016 I selected someone to receive the Nevil Award for my first graduation in 2017. I decided to give it to Joe Finnegan, the former PSD Head of School. He has demonstrated tremendous leadership with CEASD for many years in addition to his work both here at the South Carolina School for the Deaf. I recognized him with a Nevil Award and he came to speak at Graduation. In 2018 I selected Dr. Elizabeth Moore, who many of you know as Liz. She was the recipient that year and we recognized her as the first Black Deaf woman to receive a PhD and also as an Alumna of PSD. After that I recognized Gerard Buckley who was the president of NTID at the time. After that we recognized Laurene Simms with the award. She has demonstrated incredible leadership as a Black Deaf woman and believes so much in the education of young children. The following year we recognized Isidore Niyongabo. He was the president of National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) and was going through many challenges at the time with Black Lives Matter.

Then the following year we recognized Warren “Wawa” Snipe for his performance at the Super Bowl last year. This year, for 2023, I am thrilled to share with you who we have decided to recognize with the Nevil Award. This person has announced that they intend to retire after many, many years of service as the Superintendent at the Texas School for the Deaf. The announcement has been made about their upcoming retirement and the search is underway. I’m not here to talk about that but I would like to talk about this person’s many contributions to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children, schools for the Deaf and their involvement with the Texas School for the Deaf for many years. They also served on the Board of Trustees for Gallaudet University, on the board for CEASD and in many other ways this person has been very involved. I am thrilled to recognize Claire Bugen. Claire will be our 36th recipient for the Nevil Award and will also be our graduation speaker on June 9th. Congratulations, Claire. We hope this information is helpful for all of you to better understand who George Nevil was. Thank you.

I look forward to seeing you all around.

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