Video Description:

In the blue background on the left side of the brief animation of motion of PSD logo of yellow hands open with white roof and columns, yellow roof and door come out. On the right side, Yellow lettering of “PB’s Corner September 2021”

Fade and Peter Bailey appear. He is wearing a light blue dress shirt with several shades of grey diamond tie . He is sitting on the chair. Background: There is a blue wall with few frames on the wall. The file cabinet and shelf show in the background. There is a PSD logo on the bottom right corner: Blue and yellow PSD logo with 50% opacity.

Hello. This is your monthly update for September 2021, which means we are opening for a brand new school year. Our 201st! We are now officially past our 200-year mark even though we haven’t celebrated our bicentennial yet. I will share more information about that in a moment. First, I would like to talk about how we were welcoming staff back last week and welcoming our students back Wednesday of this week. Having our students back on campus meant we were looking forward to reopening, but we still have to keep some of our mandates in place. We are still wearing masks indoors until things go back to normal. We do have a lot of rules in the meantime. We are allowing students and staff to return to campus as we did in the spring but we are still not allowing visitors. That means that we have Homecoming and Community Day all scheduled for October 2nd but we are not sure what that will look like. Will it happen? Will it look different? Maybe we will just keep it entirely outdoors, but more information will be shared as we make those decisions.

I also wanted to share some information with you next month about the school. For this month our focus is on starting the new school year. We will have additional details throughout the year as things progress. Otherwise, things are going well and we are staying positive. I am very excited for the events coming up this year. First, we have our 3rd Golf Outing. We did not have one last year. We are confirming that we have people starting to sign up for this year’s October 4th golf event. You can see information and details on the website and register there as well. We hope you will join us. I will be there playing golf as well. That is not the only event we are planning for this year. Of course we also need to celebrate our bicentennial. We are looking forward to doing that on March 5th. We will host it in Center City Philadelphia at a very exciting venue. It is beautiful and I look forward to seeing you all there. Again, for additional details and information look at our website. We will be sharing information by email as well. We hope to see you there. It was a brief vlog this month but overall we are staying positive. I know that we will continue to do what we need to do to support our students as best we can and continue with our instruction. All of our staff are working hard and staying positive. I also wanted to talk about the PSD birthday. We have, for a number of years, celebrated it on April 20th. We found out, however, that it should be April 12th. I don’t know why April 20th was ever selected. It has been hard to track that history down. What we have been able to find, though, is April 12th was the first time we had a meeting about the school and then by the time we got to April 26 we were selecting members of the Board. So, April 12th in 1820 was really the beginning of PSD. We will be moving our birthday celebrations to the 12th going forward and not celebrating on April 20th. We are excited for PSD’s birthday April 12 this year. It will be another one in our long history. Take care.

End with a blue background. Top PSD logo of yellow hands open with white roof and columns, yellow roof and door. White Lettering “Pennsylvania School for the Deaf” Four social media outlet logos on the bottom of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube logos. Yellow lettering “@psd1820”