Video description: Dark blue background with gold frame, in the background there is 10% opacity of Philadelphia city outline. White PSD 200 logo on the top with white wording “200th Anniversary Gala” in the center. Gold wording: March 5, 2022. Transition to the next video. Top left: PSD 200 logo. Top right: 200th Anniversary Gala. Gold wording: A Special Message for PSD Alumni. In the center, a video appears of Alycia Brown, PSD alumna, standing in the hall. There is a banner of PSD on top of her with two different shades of blue on the wall. There is a gold frame around the video. H​i everyone, it’s Alycia Brown and I am now a transition teacher at PSD, and a graduate of PSD of the class of 1994. As I think back to my time at PSD, I have a lot of good memories, but one in particular stands out from when I was in eighth grade. We had a haunted house that really was so memorable. It was all student run, and it was a really nice time. I’d like to share with you all a big event that’s coming up on March 5th. It is 5 to 10. And the event is the Gala! There willl be a lot of people there, there will be a surprise guest speaker, it’s going to be very cool. If you’re an alumni of PSD it’s $125 dollars for you; if you are not, it’s $250. And guess what? I will be there! Come on out. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hope to see you there!