Child Development

Establishing Structure at Home using Visual Schedule

A Behavior Support Specialist introduces the benefits of establishing a consistent routine and structure at home and discusses how to develop a visual schedule for your child.

 Seek, Find, and Create: A Nature Walk

The Art teacher at PSD introduces the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy and discusses how that artist uses materials from nature to create sculptures and art. In this video, the teacher shares several art concepts, based on Andy Goldsworthy’s work, how it applies to learning and creating in the classroom and within one’s daily routine. A fun, simple and creative art activity is introduced and the benefits of this activity are discussed. Finally, families are encouraged to participate in this activity at home and share their creations with us! 

Supporting Emotional Literacy: Let’s Talk About Our Feelings

A PSD counselor and movement therapist discusses emotional literacy: why identifying and validating your/your child’s feelings and emotions are important and how emotional literacy can affect behavior, academic success, and relationships.  Tips and strategies on how to identify and label feelings and how to include emotional literacy in your daily routine at home will be shared. 20 ASL signs for various feelings and emotions are included!