Family Game Nights (in ASL!)

Early Childhood Education

Elementary & Middle School

The Family Resource Center at PSD is providing FREE ASL private tutoring this summer with a twist! Families will be paired up with a deaf tutor and over two to three Zoom sessions, the tutor and family members will play board games. The purpose is to learn ASL, play games, and have fun! Board games will be given to each family TO KEEP. The focus will be teaching ASL vocabulary for each game and learning signs to use with your d/hh child during game-playing, such as “your turn”, “my turn” and any vocabulary specifically related to the game. Please check out the flyers for more information.

  • Family Game Nights will occur during Extended School Year (ESY) between the weeks of July 12th, July 19th and July 26th

  • Each ECE family will receive a total of two games/tutoring sessions via Zoom

  • Each Elementary/Middle School family will receive a total of three games/tutoring sessions via Zoom

  • Each game night will be half an hour long, once a week

  • The board games are YOURS TO KEEP

  • Game Night sessions will be scheduled between tutors and families based on their availabilities

Register HERE by July 2, 2021