The Shared Reading Project (SRP) at PSD is a FREE program that teaches families and caregivers how to read to their deaf/hard of hearing children using American Sign Language (ASL) and strategies on how to make book sharing fun and effective.

Shared Reading Project – English

Shared Reading Project – Spanish

What happens during a Shared Reading Project visit?

  1. A deaf tutor meets with the family via Zoom or in person. The visits are scheduled at a time convenient for each family, with most taking place evenings or weekends. The tutor will demonstrate to families how to sign a children’s storybook.
  2. Family members/caregivers will practice signing the story to the tutor with support and feedback from the tutor.
  3. Family members/caregivers wil, then, read the story to their child. The tutor will support and give helpful tips.
  4. During the week, family members/caregivers will continue to read to their child, practicing their signs. The book is theirs to keep!
  5. The following week the child will bring home a new book and the fun begins again!

Spring SRP: April 11 – May 19, 2023

Spring SRP Registration is Open