The Shared Reading Project (SRP) at PSD is a FREE program that teaches families and caregivers how to read to their deaf/hard of hearing children using American Sign Language (ASL) and strategies on how to make book sharing fun and effective.

Shared Reading Project – English

Shared Reading Project – Spanish

How the Shared Reading Project Works

  1. Once a week, a deaf tutor meets with the family via Zoom. The visits are scheduled at a time convenient for each family, with most taking place evenings or weekends. The tutor demonstrates to families how to sign a popular children’s storybook.
  2. Family members practice signing the story. The tutor gives needed feedback to family members.
  3. The family members read the story to the deaf child. The tutor watches and gives helpful hints.
  4. During the week, family members read the story to the child again and again.
  5. The following week the tutor brings a new book, and the process begins again.

Spring 2022 – Register Here

April 25 – June 4, 2022